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I'm the first kid to write of hearts,lies and friends [entries|friends|calendar]
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October 20th 11:52am]
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Friends Only

If you want to be added please tell me:

1.your name

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3.where you found me

4.why you want to be added

(21 ) ★ scars

April 13th 2:15pm]

Hey everyone
I made a new LJ-account
because I can't stand this one
(and BTW it's the most stupid name on here)
so my new Livejournal is
please add me there and remove this
name from your friends-list because
it's closed
And if you don't want to be my LJ-friend anymore you don't have to add me...of course
and so you get rid of me like this ;)
I hope to see everyone over there.
Muchos love

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